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Please contact CoachStelter@SpecialTeamsU.com to get in touch with an instructor before paying for your lesson!

Certified Special Teams U Instructors have gone through rigorous training with Coach Stelter of Special Teams U to be where they are at in their careers! They understand the concepts and drills that Special Teams U is known for, and along with Coach Stelter, can help you reach your goals of becoming the best long snapper you can be!

Meet locally with a Certified Special Teams U Instructor, and work Virtually with Coach Stelter through our Customized Virtual Training to not only increase your skill level, but your understanding and expertise of the position as well! Once the purchase is made, the instructor of choice will reach out to you through the contact information provided at checkout.

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Georgia, Harrison Elliott, Long Snapping Coach

Harrison is a great athlete who has overcome a lot of adversity to be in the position he is in today. With D1 and NFL experience, Harrison knows what it takes to play at the highest levels. Harrison has taken his snapping to a whole new level with Special Teams U and will be able to help you do the same. Any athletes in Georgia will absolutely see ELITE RESULTS while training with Coach Elliott.

Ohio, Pennsylvania, Trey Harper, Long Snapping Coach

Trey started his snapping career at the Duquesne University behind current Steelers long snapper Christian Kuntz. He then transferred to the University of Michigan where he finished his college career. Trey trained with Coach Stelter at Special Teams U during his college career and in preparation for his pro opportunities. Trey ended up gaining multiple Pro workouts! The knowledge he has and his passion for the position will be a great asset to you as you pursue greatness!

North Carolina, Danny Dillon, Long Snapping Coach

Danny Dillon is an awesome person and coach who is available to long snappers in North Carolina. Danny had a great college career at Campbell University and went on to get signed by the Arizona Cardinals right out of college. Danny has trained with Coach Stelter for years and will be able to help you chase perfection no matter your skill level!

Colorado, Jacob Leggett, Long Snapping Coach

Jacob Leggett played at D2 Western Colorado State University and honed his skill earning him a tryout with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He has trained with Coach Stelter for years to be able to understand his snapping and the science behind it all. He is a great resource for any snapper looking to improve in Colorado!

Oklahoma, Virginia, Robert Soderholm, Long Snapping Coach

Robert Soderholm is a 3X D1 All-American at VMI and has trained with Coach Stelter at Special Teams U for over 6 years. Robert is a very hard worker and always pursues perfection relentlessly. Robert will be a great resource and role model to any young snapper looking to improve their game!

Washington, Bradey Sorenson, Long Snapping Coach

Bradey Sorenson is a 2X D1 All-American from the University of South Dakota that has been training with Coach Stelter at Special Teams U for over 5 years and is well versed in the science of snapping. Bradey will be a great asset to all long snappers on the West Coast!

Texas, Chris Wilkerson, Long Snapping Coach

Chris Wilkerson had a solid collegiate career at Stephen F. Austin where he was highly decorated winning multiple All-American honors. After college Chris was able to earn a couple opportunities in the NFL to showcase himself. He is now available at Special Teams U to help you take your snapping to the next level!

Massachusetts, Nick Berus, Long Snapping Coach

Nick is a great long snapper who has been developing under Coach Stelter at Special Teams U for years. He has made HUGE changes to his technique and understand what it takes to play at the highest level. Nick will be able to help you with the science of snapping and help you go from effective to EFFICIENT!

certified coach, Scott Mullenix, Special Teams University

Scott was a client of Coach Stelter’s at Special Teams U for years during his collegiate career at Grand Valley State University and made many major gains! Scott is a strength and conditioning coach out of Dallas TX and was recently hired by the UFL! His knowledge of snapping along with his strength and conditioning background at a very high level will be a great asset to you as you work on developing your game. If you are in Texas and want to improve your long snapping, Scott is your guy!

Pennsylvania, Shane Griffin, Long Snapping Coach

Shane is a very good long snapper who played collegiately at West Chester University and went on to have multiple NFL workouts right out of college. He has most recently played 2 seasons for the Michigan Panthers in the USFL while continuing to perfect his craft with Coach Stelter at Special Teams U. Shane has a background in physical education and will be a great asset to your long snapping!

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