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Special Teams University

All-American Team

Special Teams University All-American awards started in 2019 as a way to highlight Draft Eligible long snappers and give them the recognition they deserve! Our selection process is rigorous and consists of a committee of former All-Americans and current NFL long snappers that help make the decisions.

Our committee watches film on every athlete under consideration and submits their votes. In order for long snappers to be considered they must be a draft eligible senior with no eligibility remaining and must snap on both punt AND FG for their team their senior year.

Over the years we have seen our award winners go on to do great things such as playing in every major senior game, including the Tropical Bowl, Hula Bowl, NFLPA Bowl, East West Shrine, and Senior Bowl! They have also went on to being Drafted and becoming NFL starters!

Qualities We Research:




Snap Speed

Snap Consistency


Coverage Ability

Tackling Ability

Pro Readiness

We are excited to be able to shine more light on the position that GOES UNNOTICED! We hope that the award continues to act as a spring board for athletes in the future to help them gain opportunities at the Pro level.

All-American Team


All-American Team


All-American Team


All-American Team


All-American Team


All-American Team