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I want to take the time to send a huge appreciation to my man Kyle Stelter founder and owner of Special Teams University. Those who may not know, I had never snapped a ball in a football game, up until last off-season, since 10th grade in high school. Last off season I made a conscious effort to improve my snapping, but i was still focused on playing my natural linebacker/core special team positions. Through all of the struggles of last off season and the hard work I became the full time snapper. 2016 was my first doing so and with the help of Vinatieri and Sanchez we became a solid unit. Good enough will never be good enough, when better is required. With Special Teams U and Kyle Stelter starting only through virtual sessions from here in Indianapolis, I was coached to tweak my grip, balance, core activation to make my snap with less effort, my velocity increased dramatically, and my locations and accuracy drastically improved with it. 8 Years, a Pro Bowl and All-Pro Selection, we are still training consistently and continue to chase perfection! So thank you to Coach Stelter for the coaching! Cant wait to see where this season is going to take us!”



Indianapolis Colts

Pro-Bowl Selection
All-Pro Selection

“I started working with Coach Stelter coming out of college at Duquesne and never really had any coaching before then. He really gave me the techniques and drills I needed to become better! My virtual training expired and I didn’t renew it and I realized it was a HUGE mistake. Two years later, after being with two different NFL teams as a long snapper, I finally reached back out to Coach. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. Just through Virtual Lessons he was able to pick apart my snap and tweak it to make me more efficient and controlled as well as gave me drills to work on. 7 years later, I’m still making trips to Eau Claire WI in the offseason to chase perfection!”



Pittsburgh Steelers

Christian Kuntz, long snapper, testimonial

“I’ve been working with Coach Stelter for 5 years refining my snapping. And that’s something that’s been really helpful to me. When we started working together I was already a Pro Bowl long snapper but wanted to continue to improve. Coach Stelter helped me see how to be efficient in the long snap. There’s certain positions you got to hit to create max velocity, max speed, max efficiency in the snap. I can’t thank Coach Stelter enough for the improvements he’s helped me make!”



New York Giants
Pro-Bowl Selection

Casey Kreiter, long snapper, New York Giants, testimonial

“There aren’t the right words to describe STU and Coach Stelter! He took our son Jacob, who was a junior in college, who was also very raw, and through hard work on both ends he turned our son into an elite NFL long snapper. We trusted the process and our son was all in on the process. Jacob continues to trust the process and uses the skills daily to get better. He sees Coach Stelter at least once a year to continue to chase perfection!! To say our experience has been extraordinary would be an understatement. We will be forever grateful in Coach Stelter for seeing a long snapper in our son. We would do it all again! Thank you again Coach!!!”



Parent of
Jacob Bobenmoyer – Raiders

“I enjoyed working with Coach Stelter through my Special Teams U Virtual Training. When I was having issues and had questions about my snap, he always knew how to fix my issues or had the answer to my questions. When I was transferring from Washington State to TCU there was a lot of uncertainty and it helped having someone there for me when I needed them. It was great to have someone evaluate me and be honest with me when it came to how well I was actually doing. He is honest and will not just tell you what you want to hear to make you happy, and that is what you look for in a coach. I recommend to give coach Stelter a try at some point in your career if you want to be an elite snapper.”



Miami Dolphins

“Special Teams U has been invaluable in keeping my football dreams alive. Coach Stelter is one of those guys that you go to and he’ll tailor it. You don’t just do 10 snaps and send you on your way. He’ll make you do 10 snaps and he’ll stop midway. He’ll say, ‘do you know WHAT you’re doing’ or ‘what are you feeling?’ ‘Do you understand why we’re doing it?’ And to have that kind of teaching and that kind of individualized coaching it makes all the difference in the world.”



Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Super-Bowl Champion

Zach Triner, long snapping, testimonial

“I had an amazing couple days in Eau Claire WI, and I feel like a more accurate long snapper now. Coach Stelter has specific exercises and drills that make you more aware of what the most efficient movement should be, and it definitely translates to when you’re actually snapping a football. I never thought that a 3 hour snapping session would fly by so fast! I recommend Special Teams U to every long snapper looking to improve their game!”



Calgary Stampeders
Montreal Alouettes

Grey Cup Champion

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Kyle for over seven years and the impact on my game has been nothing short of transformative. His expert guidance, unwavering dedication, and keen eye for detail have honed my skills, turning me into a consistent and reliable long snapper. Beyond the technical aspects, his mentorship instilled in me a mindset of discipline and resilience. I owe much of my success on the field to his exceptional coaching, and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone aspiring to excel in longsnapping.”




NFL Free Agent

XFL Orlando Guardians

“I first started working with Coach Stelter after my freshman year at the Naval Academy when I found him on social media. It started with a Virtual Lesson, and ended with me having a superb senior year and even achieving Special Teams U All-American Honorable Mention. Over the course of a few years we were able to meet in person for Private Lessons and continue with Virtual Lessons as well. Whether I was having issues or just wanting to get better and more efficient with my snapping, he had all the answers. He has long snapping broken down to a science. He can give you very detailed explanations for everything when it comes to form and efficiency. I’m very grateful that I had him and the Special Teams U Brotherhood as an asset during my time as a college long snapper.”




Ronnie Querry, long snapping, special teams university

“I have worked with Coach Stelter for years now. He is a constant support in and out of all our interactions. This program he has developed works because he not only invests the time to train and help make the athlete better, but genuinely checks in and looks to see how his athletes are doing and what they are up to. A lot of his guys, including myself are free agents who have lots going on and he has a schedule that is so flexible and open to all of his athletes. Thanks to coach Stelter i have been able to grow so much individually as a long snapper, and have had 4 professional opportunities. If you are a long snapper looking to continue your career for years to come, this is where you need to be.”




“Through the guidance of Special Teams U and Coach Stelter, I was able to continually grow as a snapper throughout my college career and elevate me to the opportunity to start and play for a Division 1 Power 5 football team. Coach Stelter is easy to talk to and committed to doing everything in his power to offer advice and coaching that will make you a better snapper, so long as you are committed and dedicated to the craft. Don’t know if I’d be where I am today without the coaching of Special Teams U and Coach Stelter.”



Boston College

“My experience with Coach Stelter at Special Teams U has been nothing but first class. As a self taught D2 snapper Coach Stelter has really taken my game to the next level! Coach’s attention to detail and the science of snapping really helped me break down every aspect of snapping to maximize efficiency on how I use my body. Without meeting Coach Stelter I wouldn’t have been able to elevate my skill to the Professional level.”



West Chester University

USFL Michigan Panthers

Shane Griffin, long snap coach, special teams university

“Coach Stelter and I have been working together for over 7 years. I can say, without a doubt, that his coaching was what got me to the next level of long snapping. My snap speed, accuracy, and blocking have all been improved upon from working with Kyle. He breaks down the science and fundamentals of why we do the drills/methods along with how they transfer to the field. On top of his knowledge and connections in the industry, Coach Stelter is just an overall great human. If you are looking to take a step in the right direction in long snapping while gaining a valuable mentor and friend, this is your Coach. “




NFL Free Agent

The Spring League

“First off, Coach Stelter is extremely knowledgeable as a coach. He understands that everyone learns and moves a little differently and has different mobility. He understands the physics behind snapping and can help you as an individual apply that to your snap to make you the best snapper you can be! Also it’s very easy to tell how passionate he is about his work. I worked with him for multiple sessions over a couple of days and he had the same energy and excitement for his work everyday. Also Coach Stelter is very good about keeping as personal relationship even after the session is over and keeping up with his players. He cares about individuals and truly loves to see his athletes succeed. Coach Stelter is a great coach and great person and has definitely made me a much better long snapper.”




NFL Free Agent

Arizona Cardinals

Atlanta Falcons