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For the next 90 days you have an elite, personalized training program on your own schedule (no travel necessary)! Special Teams University memberships are one of the most utilized tools on the market for NFL, NCAA, and high school athletes--and you don’t have to pass through TSA to reap the benefits.

How do Virtual Lessons Work?

Every month, members will send film to Coach Stelter. He will review the film, and a time will be scheduled to meet via FaceTime or Skype. This call can be done at home, or from the couch--anywhere really!--as long as the reception is good and the athlete can take notes.

During this call, Coach Stelter will go over technique flaws, corrections, and drills to perform in order to improve going forward. Additionally, demonstrations, videos, and explanations will be provided for every detail discussed. It’s the athlete’s job to take what is learned and implement it into their routine. If there are any issues, members can send film at any time to get feedback. With each lesson and film session, steady improvement should follow!

What can I expect?

Every year Special Teams University helps 20+ long snappers gain NFL and CFL opportunities and places high school athletes onto college football teams nationally. This is all done though 1 on 1 sessions and not through large, cattle-call events. Coach Stelter promises that with his teaching along with your drive and willingness to learn, YOU WILL see the #RESULTS


Zach Roberts

Lamar U to Georgia Tech

I started working with coach Stelter this past summer in Austin with the private lessons and it was the best decision I have made for my career. After the private lessons shortly after I purchased the 4 month membership for the upcoming season. I was in competition for the starting spot and with the help of coach Stelter I won the spot and started the whole season. It did not just stop there though we where in contact every week, he is always quick to reply and interested in how you’re doing. We continued to work throughout the season and I improved and became more confident in my abilities each game. I recommend this service to anyone that wants to bring their snapping to the next level and have a coach that genuinely cares about your performance other than just being a number at some other camp. I will also be continuing to work with coach Stelter to continue perfecting my craft!

Trent Gow

Dallas Cowboys – Tarleton State

I went to several camps from January to July 2017 and felt like I improved as a snapper, until I spent two days with Coach Stelter. I went in thinking I was throwing that at 35mph with decent accuracy, and also used a “release point” to finish with a lot of physical effort in my snaps. Now, I snap with less effort and average around 38 mph with excellent accuracy. I saw more improvement in two days with Special Teams U than I did over a 7-month stretch with 5 different camps/coaches. I’ve totally transformed in all aspects of my long snapping during my time with Special Teams U! Real results happy with Coach Stelter.

Luke Rhodes

Indianapolis Colts – William and Mary

With spring practice (OTAs, mini camps) now finished in my 3rd year. I want to take the time to send a huge appreciation to my man Kyle Stelter founder and owner of Special Teams University. Those who may not know, I had never snapped a ball in a football game, up till last off season, since 10th grade in high school. Last off-season I made a conscious effort to improve my snapping, but I was still focused on playing my natural linebacker/core special team positions. Through all of the struggles of last off-season and the hard work I became the full time snapper. Last season was my first doing so and with the help of Vinatieri and Sanchez we became a solid unit. Good enough will never be good enough, when better is required. With Special Teams U and Kyle Stelter…. through 4 virtual sessions…from here in Indianapolis, I was coached to tweak my grip, balance, core activation to make my snap with less effort, my velocity increased dramatically, and my locations and accuracy drastically improved with it. So thank you to Special Teams U for the coaching! Cant wait to see where this season is going to take us!

Anthony Kukwa

San Diego Chargers – Lake Eerie

After my stint with the Oakland Raiders, I ordered a Virtual Lesson and learned a ton from Coach Stelter. I learned a better grip for myself and learned how to follow through far more efficiently. I went from being a near one-handed snapper to snapping with both hands with far better control, speed, and consistency. This was all within a few Virtual Lessons. I knew this wasn’t enough though; I had to get with Coach Stelter to see what his training was really about. So I flew into Eau Claire Wisconsin and worked with Coach Stelter for two days. Let me tell you, in those two days I understood why so many were going to him for snapping lessons. In those two days we really hammered away at my technique and really emphasized snapping more efficiently. If you want someone who has made snapping a part of their everyday life talk to Coach Stelter and schedule a Lesson. The man can get all the way down to the physics of ball movement and how placement affects the balls flight and rotation. It was truly a great experience and I came away feeling far more confident. Coach Stelter is definitely someone you want in your corner for snapping advice. Thanks again Coach!

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