12 Month Customized Virtual Training (Monthly)

$185.00 / month for 12 months

For the next 12 months you have an elite, personalized training program on your own schedule (no travel necessary)! Special Teams University’s Virtual Training is one of the most utilized tools on the market for NFL, NCAA, and high school athletes–and you don’t have to pass through TSA to reap the benefits.


This training will NOT be easy. I will challenge you and everything you know about snapping in order to promote growth. Things will feel weird, uncomfortable, and sometimes not yield a perfect result right away. THATS OK! We need this to happen in order to reshape your perception and motor patterns. We will be focused on the process, not just the product. We will create efficiency and consistency, and in order to do that we HAVE to make changes.



Every month, athletes will schedule a video call with Coach Stelter where they will learn about their snapping, what they can improve, and how they are going to improve it. They will be prescribed drills to perform to improve their specific issues. This call can be done at home, or from the couch–anywhere really!–as long as the reception is good and the athlete can take notes.

After the video call, athletes are expected to send film of themselves performing the prescribed drills. Athletes will get feedback on every drill until perfection is attained. Every athlete will be held to the highest standard.


Special Teams University trains the best long snappers in the NFL and CFL, as well as College and HS teams around the world. This is all done though 1 on 1 sessions. Coach Stelter promises that with his teaching along with your drive and willingness to learn, YOU WILL see the #RESULTS


Athletes are EXPECTED to send film weekly to Coach Stelter in order to ensure constant improvement. Coach Stelter will help you perfect every drill and technique by giving you voiceover feedback, comparison videos and explanations of any changes or adjustments needed.


Every athlete gets 1 virtual long snapping lesson each month where they meet face to face with Coach Stelter through Video Call. Each long snapping lesson includes detailed instruction, and corrections that help each individual progressively make changes and improvements to their long snapping form. With our focus on applying physics to the snap, and customizing our coaching to every individual athlete, we have seen extreme results utilizing our proven strategies!


We have helped athletes all over the world gain exposure by helping them improve their long snapping technique and then leverage that to potential schools and universities! From using our social media presence and influence to help with exposure, to getting insight into situations with teams you are interested in. We will make sure you’re taking the right steps to get you where you want to be.

Intro to NFL Blocking

Long snapping is a very competitive position, and there are often only subtle differences in blocking technique between long snappers on NFL rosters and long snappers with day jobs. Unfortunately, the styles and techniques taught in the pros are frequently different than what is, and what is not taught in college. Fortunately for Special Teams University members, we teach these NFL techniques ahead of your pro day, so you’ll have a leg up on your competition!

Assistance on the Path to Pro Football

Coach Stelter started his long snapping career at the Division III level and overturned many stones on his way to earning legitimate NFL opportunities. Now, the highest paid NFL players in the history of the position work with Special Teams U. With that experience, he will help you navigate your path to Pro Football.

Exposure to Senior Games

Special Teams University long snappers are synonymous with senior games. Almost every senior game has a Special Teams U long snapper annually. When you combine RESULTS with connections, good things happen.

Consistent Perfection

What is Go Unnoticed?

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Customized Virtual Training

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