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This training will NOT be easy. I will challenge you and everything you know about snapping in order to promote growth. Things will feel weird, uncomfortable, and sometimes not yield a perfect result right away. THATS OK! We need this to happen in order to reshape your perception and motor patterns. We will be focused on the process, not just the product. We will create efficiency and consistency, and in order to do that we HAVE to make changes.

If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do things you’ve never done.

Members receive and ELITE long snapping experience from their own home! Long snappers all over the world seek out Special Teams University because we hold you to the highest standard. What separates Special Teams U from the rest is our focus on extreme detail and scientific approach to coaching the position. Every long snapper will learn the ins and outs of long snapping through our multi-faceted approach.

Membership Options

Special Teams University members can commit to 6 months of training or 12 months! Save more money and guarantee your gains with a longer membership. Choose the one-time payment options for the most value!

Free Trial

Our Free Trial is a great opportunity for anyone to see what Special Teams U is all about and how the Memberships work. This is a test drive of how the Memberships work and what you get out of it. Test the waters before you buy in. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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