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Luke Rhodes

Indianapolis Colts

With spring practice (OTAs, mini camps) now finished in my 3rd year. I want to take the time to send a huge appreciation to my man Kyle Stelter founder and owner of Special Teams University. Those who may not know, I had never snapped a ball in a football game, up till last off season, since 10th grade in high school. Last off season I made a conscious effort to improve my snapping, but i was still focused on playing my natural linebacker/core special team positions. Through all of the struggles of last off season and the hard work I became the full time snapper. Last season was my first doing so and with the help of Vinatieri and Sanchez we became a solid unit. Good enough will never be good enough, when better is required. With Special Teams U and Kyle Stelter ….through 4 virtual sessions…from here in Indianapolis, I was coached to tweak my grip,balance, core activation to make my snap with less effort, my velocity increased dramatically, and my locations and accuracy drastically improved with it. So thank you to Special Teams U for the coaching! Cant wait to see where this season is going to take us!

Lucas Gravelle

Miami Dolphins – TCU

I enjoyed working with Coach Stelter through my Special Teams U Membership. When I was having issues and had questions about my snap, he always knew how to fix my issues or had the answer to my questions. When I was transferring from Washington State to TCU there was a lot of uncertainty and it helped having someone there for me when I needed them. It was great to have someone evaluate me and be honest with me when it came to how well I was actually doing. He is honest and will not just tell you what you want to hear to make you happy, and that is what you look for in a coach. I recommend to give coach Stelter a try at some point in your career if you want to be an elite snapper.

Brad Northnagel

Oakland Raiders – UC Berkley

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your pointers on fundamentals, grip and blocking technique. Our time during our Virtual Lessons have been very effective and I have seen immediate differences with ball flight and overall smoothness of my snaps. Not only were you helpful during our Lessons, you have also been a great resource in the entire transition to the NFL! From finding an agent, to helping me get into the NFLPA Bowl, and for that I am grateful. Right now I’m feeling more confident than ever heading into the off-season program with the Raiders. I look forward to working with you more in the future, because you are as valuable an asset one can have in our field of work!

Christian Kuntz

Jacksonville Jaguars – Duquesne

I only started snapping about 2 years ago and worked with Coach Stelter of Special Teams U coming out of college at Duquesne University and it was great. He really gave me the techniques and drills I needed to become better! My Membership expired and I didn’t renew it and I realized it was a HUGE mistake. Two years later, after being with two different NFL teams as a long snapper, I finally reached back out to Coach. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. Just through Virtual Lessons he was able to pick apart my snap and tweak it to make me more efficient and controlled as well as gave me drills to work on. I now feel like I’m throwing the best ball of my life and I’m ready for my next professional opportunity!

James Fisher


I started working with Coach Stelter after my freshman year of college. I never would’ve thought I would see the transformation I did! I bought into the Special Teams U philosophy and since working with him I’ve won 3 National championships, earned a Full Ride Scholarship, as well as earning 1st team and 2nd Team (twice) preseason all-American Awards, 3 all-conference team awards, and 1st (STATS, HERO sports, and Special Teams U) team all-American (senior) and 2nd team all-American (junior). Learning HOW to practice INTENTIONALLY, and learn drills to fix whatever is not looking right was by far the best thing I could’ve ever been taught. Every time I saw Coach Stelter he found things to fix to help me improve. Not everyone snaps the same, but being taught how to make YOUR motion the most efficient is the name of the game, and that’s exactly what you’ll learn while working with Coach Stelter. YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO SET YOURSELF APART FROM THE REST.

Gage Marsil


Before I found out about Coach Stelter I was a self taught long snapper. My biggest problem was finding : 1) A coach that could teach me more than the simple basics you can find on the internet and 2) A coach that could also help with the mental aspect of being a specialist. Through virtual lessons Coach Stelter was able to help me with both problems during my senior season at UCF. He was always very responsive to any questions I had, and I would definitely recommend having his knowledge by your side during the season (unless you enjoy the RB coach telling you how to long snap). I was also fortunate enough to work with Coach Stelter during my Pro-day prep. During my 2 day stay in Eau Claire WI, we were able to increase my accuracy and speed all by a few technique changes. Coach Stelter Lives, Breathes, and sleeps long snapping. So if you are looking to get to the next level he’s your guy, my only wish was that I started working with him earlier!

James and Nancy Diemel

Proud Parents

Dayton has worked with Coach Stelter for a few years now and the results have been amazing! Coach Stelter is a very knowledgeable in the art of long snapping and does an excellent job teaching his craft. In less than a year Dayton went from a good self-taught snapper to a properly trained D1 long snapper! Coach Stelter is very supportive and works with the athletes to get their names out to colleges looking for snappers. We would like to thank Kyle for helping Dayton achieve his dream of playing FBS football at Wake Forest University.

Riley Jones

Calgary Stampeders

Before going to SpecialTeamsU I was an extremely self taught snapper with many bad habits. Coach Stelter was able to implement different drills which allowed me to work on these bad habits and transform my snap into a more efficient and consistent movement. The video feedback allowed me to view my changes right away, while also showing me what I was doing well and what needed to be improved. With both the drills as well as the video feedback, coach Stelter goes into great detail explaining the core concepts that SpecialTeamsU preaches which is definitely going to up my game.

Anthony Kukwa

San Diego Chargers – Lake Eerie

After my stint with the Oakland Raiders, I ordered a Virtual Lesson and learned a ton from Coach Stelter. I learned a better grip for myself and learned how to follow through far more efficiently. I went from being a near one handed snapper to snapping with both hands with far better control, speed, and consistency. This was all within a few Virtual Lessons. I knew this wasn’t enough though, I had to get with Coach Stelter to see what his training was really about. So I flew into Eau Claire Wisconsin and worked with Coach Stelter for two days. Let me tell you, in those two days I understood why so many were going to him for snapping lessons. In those two days we really hammered away at my technique and really emphasized snapping more efficiently. If you want someone who has made snapping a part of their everyday life talk to Coach Stelter and schedule a Lesson. The man can get all the way down to the physics of ball movement and how placement effects the balls flight and rotation. It was truly a great experience and I came away feeling far more confident. Coach Stelter is definitely someone you want in your corner for snapping advice. Thanks again Coach!”

Nick Berus


I have been long snapping since second grade and have worked and snapped with countless people and Coach Stelter is by far the best and most knowledgeable person I have ever had the chance to work with. I joined Special Teams U before my last season at Umass and I could immediately tell that Kyle was going to help me improve my snap and he did just that. He explains the science behind the snap and the different techniques that can be used to help make your snap faster and more accurate, in a way that is very easy to understand. If you’re a long snapper in any level of football and are trying to earn a spot, start, get better, or make the move to the next level, then Special Teams U is the way to go.

Andy Rieman

Mount Union

Special Teams U has been able to totally transform how I snap as well as how I train in the off season.Coach Stelter has mastered the art of making me become comfortable with being uncomfortable duringtraining sessions. In 2 years I was able to increase speed, accuracy and consistency in my snapsdrastically as well as learn blocking footwork. Very few people truly understand long snapping and how to break down every movement like Coach Stelter which is crucial in order to correct bad habits during developing. In my 2 years my confidence level has risen drastically which I believe is half of the battle of becoming a consistent snapper. In addition to all of this Coach Stelter provided a bridge between college and the NFL by providing advice, adjusting technique for the next level, help with agents, and helping me get into the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl. Headed into the draft and free agency process I feel confident that Special Teams U has prepared me for what lies ahead.

Trent Gow

Tarleton State

I went to several camps from January to July 2017 and felt like I improved as a snapper, until I spent two days with Coach Stelter. I went in thinking I was throwing that at 35mph with decent accuracy, and also used a “release point” to finish with a lot of physical effort in my snaps. Now, I snap with less effort and average around 38 mph with excellent accuracy. I saw more improvement in two days with Special Teams U than I did over a 7 month stretch with 5 different camps/coaches. I’ve totally transformed in all aspects of my long snapping during my time with Special Teams U! Real results happy with Coach Stelter.

Pierre-Luc Caron

Calgary Stampeders

I had an amazing couple days in Eau Claire WI, and I feel like a more accurate long snapper now. Coach Stelter has specific exercises and drills that make you more aware of what the most efficient movement should be, and it definitely translates to when you’re actually snapping a football. I never thought that a 3 hour snapping session would fly by so fast! I recommend Special Teams U to every long snapper looking to improve their game!

Danny Dillon


I started snapping in middle school as a self taught snapper. I was always nervous that any kind of coaching would throw me off of my game , but that was far from the right attitude. When I reached out to coach Stelter at Special Teams U, he was very responsive and available. After only a couple sessions with coach Stelter, I became a more confident, accurate and faster snapper. Through a few years of training with Coach Stelter I am snapping the best I ever have and am even rated as one of the top Free Agents on the market, I’ve also been with multiple NFL teams. One of the best things about STU is that coaching is detailed, specific to each individual. If you are looking for RESULTS, reach out to STU!

Jacob Leggett

Western Colorado State

I was a self taught snapper until my Junior year in college. I knew that putting the work into becoming a better long snapper was the most important thing. I would practice for hours on end every day and eventually realized that I did not just want to be a good snapper, or do just enough to get in the game. I wanted to be the best I could possibly be. This is where coach Stelter comes into the picture. I realized that my practice needed to be more intentional and that I could be making more progress with my time. Since I started working with coach Stelter I have seen consistent improvement even beyond college. Coach Stelter is very detail oriented. When I send him film nothing goes unnoticed. I always have something to work on… a way to improve. He has specific drills to help with whatever I need at the time. Most recently coach Stelter helped me prepare for the Husted Pro Camp at the end of January. The camp went really well and I was invited to fly out for a workout with the Jaguars. One of the things I appreciate most is that coach Stelter was one of the first people to call and congratulate me. I have been able to speak to coach Stelter as a friend and ask about his experiences because he went through the same process I am going through. As I continue to chase this dream coach Stelter will definitely continue to be a good resource and friend.

Wil Lovelace

Northern Alabama

I got in contact with Coach Stelter through a mutual friend of my University my freshman year, 4 years ago. After one virtual lesson, I was hooked on how much better he was getting me! I had always been self trained growing up, not ever knowing there were coaches for this kind of thing, so it was nice to know that I had a coach that could help me anytime I needed. He has been instrumental in where I am today snapping wise, from all the drills that have helped me become a better player and athlete, to him giving me advice as I try to pursue the NFL. Without Coach Stelter, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. From him giving me confidence that I know I can snap a ball well, and I can compete with anyone despite my size, to him being a great friend, he is an all around incredible coach and mentor.

Darell Travis

Louisiana Tech

My experience with Special Teams U and Coach Stelter have allowed me to make drastic, beneficial changes in not only my performance but also in how I study and break down my own film and movements. I now have a better understanding of how to use leverage when snapping to create more speed and efficiency and because of that I have become much more consistent. He has been a large contributor to the opportunities I have had so far and those that are coming up in the future. I will continue to work with Coach Stelter and appreciate all his support.

William Hayes


Meeting Kyle Stelter made my final years of snapping easier with more control. If you’re looking for a coach that will work with you tirelessly, then Kyle is your guy. I picked up the membership for the season, and was blown away about how much I could fix and work on. Before meeting Kyle, my practices were the same thing everyday and weren’t maximizing my full potential. He picked my brain each session and broke down film in a way that made sense to me. I was already a scholarship guy, but I was basically self- taught. When you have a coach like Kyle it doesn’t matter what your background is, because he will find a way to make your snap work for you. I would recommend Kyle Stelter to any snappers from middle school to the NFL. He has the knowledge and willingness to prepare you for any situation and will be there for each step in your journey of longsnapping.

Ronnie Querry


I first started working with Coach Stelter after my freshman year at the Naval Academy when I found him on social media. It started with a Virtual Lesson, and ended with me having a superb senior year and even achieving Special Teams U All-American Honorable Mention. Over the course of a few years we were able to meet in person for Private Lessons and continue with Virtual Lessons as well. Whether I was having issues or just wanting to get better and more efficient with my snapping, he had all the answers. He has long snapping broken down to a science. He can give you very detailed explanations for everything when it comes to form and efficiency. I’m very grateful that I had him and the Special Teams U Brotherhood as an asset during my time as a college long snapper.

Ty Yazujian

Penn State

Any snapper looking to take their game to the next level. whether thats high school, college, or Pro, should work with Coach Stelter. Coach Stelter has played a vital role in my pursuits of the NFL and continues to help me refine my technique. I’m always looking to improve, and having Coach Stelter in my corner allows me to do just that. I’m excited to continue working with Special Teams U and taking advantage of future opportunities as a team.

Charles Hantz

Proud Parent

Having been at many long snapping camps with my son Gabriel, I have witnessed in Kyle Stelter a master at his craft. This is evident in his ability to break down the information and disseminate to the athlete where the athlete can understand the feedback instantly and in real time make the corrections that are needed to allow them to progress in their snapping career. Kyle Stelter is the epitome of what teachers should strive to be. If you or anyone that you know wants to improve at long snapping, I highly recommend Kyle Stelter of Special Teams University. Kyle, Thanks again for not only the instruction but also help on the recruiting trail.

PJ Schulte

Washington State

Coach Stelter has been teaching me to snap since I began 6 months ago. With his help I have learned and improved a great amount, and I continue to learn more each day. Before I worked with him, I was playing a different position at a big school. I was accustomed to coaches who couldn’t care less about the players on a personal level. I wanted to learn longsnapping, but I had no idea what I was doing. Coach Stelter gives you the time and personal attention that no one else will. I have never met a coach that invests so much into his students. He really cares about all of his snappers, and he has the knowledge to help anyone improve greatly. I will continue to be a client in the future.

Kim Yeager

Proud Parent

Coach Stelter has been a great discovery! I was skeptical about a virtual membership process and have been nothing short of AMAZED at his level of instruction and attention to detail. It really is like having him there in person. My son has improved in a short period of time and even better, Coach has kept him motivated to continue to work on drills. I had no idea the membership would be so valuable in not only the lessons, but Coach Stelter has been there for every question we’ve had. He helps with college contact info, email content, steps to getting visits, and I think he’d even come to Texas to do my dishes if I asked him to! He is very attentive and seems genuinely interested in my son’s future. I wish we would have found him hundreds of dollars ago!

Devin Andrews

Alabama A&M

Best money I have ever spent and I will continue getting a membership through out my snapping career. Coach Stelter is the best out there. Hands down. When I first started working with Coach Stelter I was a self taught snapper and I didnt feel confident about my snap. But after working with Coach Stelter I feel confident with my snap. I know everytime my ball is gonna go where I want it. My form, accuracy, and confidence has increased significantly. By having this membership I was able to get one on one coaching through the season which is huge! Coach Stelter is not just a great coach he is a great person. He cares about his clients and gives all of his energy into making you the best you can be. If you want to get into snapping or become a better snapper this is the person you wanna train with!

Zach Roberts

Lamar University

I started working with coach Stelter this past summer in Austin with the private lessons and it was the best decision I have made for my career. After the private lessons shortly after I purchased the 4 month membership for the upcoming season. I was in competition for the starting spot and with the help of coach Stelter I won the spot and started the whole season. It did not just stop there though we where in contact every week, he is always quick to reply and interested in how you’re doing. We continued to work throughout the season and I improved and became more confident in my abilities each game. I recommend this service to anyone that wants to bring their snapping to the next level and have a coach that genuinely cares about your performance other than just being a number at some other camp. I will also be continuing to work with coach Stelter to continue perfecting my craft!

Nolan Dowling

Western Kentucky

Coach Stelter is a great asset when it comes to long snapping. I’ve had a Membership for over a year now and he has helped me get to where I am today, and even helped me get into the NFLPA Bowl Game! He made corrections to my form to make me a better snapper and has been great every step of the way. If you want to get better, and reach the next level, whether it is college or NFL, Coach Stelter is someone that can help!

Hayden Brodowsky

Abilene Christian University

Special Teams U was one of the best decisions I had made moving forward with my snapping career. What separates Coach Stelter from the rest is his availability and eagerness to help individuals improve. I was already a scholarship snapper when I met Coach Stelter, but I was not reaching my highest potential. My last two seasons were my best thanks to his help with the small details that are often overlooked. I would recommend Kyle to any level of snapper, whether you are just starting out your career, in college, or in the NFL. The help Coach Stelter provides will help you reach your highest potential due to his desire to see you succeed. One of the best things about working with Special Teams U is being able to contact him when I was in a  rough patch and being able to grind it out before the next game. These are just a few reason why Special Teams University is the best choice in your snapping endeavors.

Becky Knapik Holbrook

Proud Parent

Kyle Stelter came to us at a time when our son was ready to take his skills to the next level. Coach Stelter brought to us the knowledge, skills, and experience of a long snapper who has personally succeeded at the highest levels. No detail escapes his scrutiny, but he always has the big picture in focus. We never felt like one of many students, we always felt like the only student when he worked with us. He is a superb teacher with the natural skill of knowing when to push and when to wait. He has the ability to break down the entire snap into manageable pieces and instruct his students on drills to address any weaknesses. We don’t get to see him in person as much as would be optimal because of the geographic distance, but we send him videos often and he usually responds within minutes. Of course we always believe that our issues are most pressing and he humors us by acting in that manner too. We often rely on him to make informed decisions about long snapping, football, education, and life. He often stays as a guest at our home and he is personally delightful.

Ceth Miller

University of Ohio

When I got the chance to work with long snapping Coach Stelter on my skills it was great. We really worked on the little things. Of course, the little things matter the most. Kyle really showed me a lot considering before our lessons together I just did basic two-handed long snapping. Before I learned how to snap two-handed, I was a very good one-handed long snapper, but i eventually learned that I wasn’t able to do one-handed anymore, so I had to transition. Because of his lessons he helped me come in as a freshman 3rd stringer and become the 2nd stringer and travel over another senior. I thank him a lot. My speed is incredible and my accuracy as a two-handed long snapper is near perfect. I’m only getting better thanks to the help of Coach Stelter. He is helping me get to my dream of being in the NFL with the big dogs.

Jason Foster

Former NFL Lineman

I met Kyle when I was playing for the Sacramento mountain lions of the UFL in 2012. I play offensive line and figured playing all 5 positions would help me diversify my profile even more but I was told long snapping would help even more. Watching Kyle long snap I knew he could teach me because he was spot on his target every time, very consistent snapper. He is a great guy and knew he could teach me because he was patient. I played for the Oakland Raiders for 2 years and being able to long snap really helped my cause on top of playing multiple positions on the line. I thank Kyle for being patient with me and teaching his methods, without him, I wouldn’t have any idea how to long snap.

Mitch Hall

University of Missouri

Coach Stelter is an expert on Long Snapping. His experience of playing at the professional level is invaluable. Through one on one long snapping lessons he has helped me with technique, which as reduced my snap times, and improved my accuracy tremendously!! He can help anyone looking to improve their long snapping.

Tom Heffefliger

Ohio State

Coach Stelter helped transform me into the long snapper that I am today. I won’t say that all of my form and technique was wrong before him, but because of his help, I was able to understand how to be a better long snapper. He helped me in the following aspects: stance, hand placement, head position, ball placement, as well as blocking techniques. I will be honest, I would go to Coach Stelter for any type of long snapping issue over anyone else out there. He knows what it takes to be a great long snapper because he has played at the highest point of football.

Eric Baker

Jacksonville University

Coach Stelter’s virtual lessons are revolutionizing the way that long snappers connect with professional coaches to develop their talents. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to engage with Coach Stelter in one of his online sessions while preparing for my pro day and combine. After sending him my film, the wheels began turning. In our first session he outlined three key parts of my technique and follow through that would help develop more speed and explosion with my snaps. Following the first video conference I would text Coach Stelter progression photos and videos. The best part about it was if he was available I would receive immediate feedback; it was like having a coach on the field with me. There was no waiting till your next lesson, if you felt something in your form and could capture and image of it, he would break it down and diagnose the situation with feedback. If you are looking for that extra tuning to get your snaps to the next level, Coach Stelter at Special Teams University is who you need to call!

Jesse Medrano


Working with Coach Stelter was great for me, I learned a lot that I never knew about long snapping! I was able to learn that long snapping is way more technical than I thought and we spent time perfecting the little things this weekend. Coach Stelter was able to get rid of my hitch and help me gain speed in my snap. He also helped me with targeting the ball on the punter and how to be more accurate. We worked many long snapping drills and I’m looking forward to working with him again! It was a great experience for me and was well worth the trip from San Antonio, Texas. I would recommend Coach Stelter to any upcoming long snapper looking for guidance and long snapping instruction. The work we did together has helped me to improve, I could see improvement in the few hours we were working this weekend. I just want to give a big thanks to him for helping me become the best long snapper I can be.

Mitch Hardy

Arkansas State

I have had the privilege of working with Special Teams U throughout my high school years and I have not worked with any other instructor that devotes so much time and effort to make me the best snapper I can be. He breaks everything down and knows what it takes to make your snaps the best they can be. I plan to continue to work with Special Teams U throughout my college years to further my snapping abilities. If you are an experienced snapper or just getting started, Special Teams U will give you all the tools, tips, and advice it takes to be the best snapper you can be!

George Morales


Coach Kyle Stelter was able to help my snapping through social media and Virtual Lessons. He Has a great knowledge of long snapping and is a master of his craft. He helped me with my form when I thought I had solid technique. He noticed a possible issue with not having equal balance in my stance. Some coaching and drills got my snaps flying back on target with better consistency and an increase in my snap velocity. Nothing is better for a young snapper than having a guy like Kyle critique and coach fundamentals that show results!

Brad Robinson

Proud Parent

Kyle, I want to thank you for coming to Detroit and working one-on-one with my sons Bradley and Andrew. I felt that the one-on-one sessions were unique and valuable. It was valuable to spend time breaking down and reviewing the snap from not just one angle, but the different camera angles. This allowed the boys to see the little things, for example, hand placement during the entire snap. It was great to see how you worked with implementing a tweak. Doing it in small increments, provided their mind and body to understand the change. And when it was put all together, to be able to see how that change improved their snap. I also appreciate how you wrapped up the weekend sessions, by sitting with them and providing an over view of what was tweaked and providing them with additional non-snapping drills to allow them to strengthen their craft.

Austin Cole

South Alabama

Thank you for helping me find an agent. It took less than an hour for you to find him and he has been nothing but helpful from the first time we spoke.

Nate Needham

Utah State

I really appreciated Coach Stelter’s help through my first time in the NFL Draft process. He was able to give me excellent advice. He also got me in contact with several agents the day I asked for help. After first contacting Coach Stelter I received a call from the an agent within a few hours. The agent I was able to get in contact with had a lot of experience dealing with long snappers and I started hearing from teams immediately. Coach Stelter also gave me excellent training ideas and walked me through the process of what the NFL expects in its long snappers. He has been an excellent resource.

Ryan Wynn


I worked with Kyle Stelter to prepare for my NFL pro-day based off the positive recommendations of my teammates at the University of Minnesota. Coach Stelter’s expertise in long-snapping allows players of all ages and all levels to quickly improve their long snapping abilities. His knowledge of multiple drills and skills allows long snappers to focus on their weaknesses and quickly improve upon them to become the best long snapper they can be. If you long snap and you are looking to improve your skills, then Kyle Stelter of Special Teams University is your only choice and the best choice.

Fabrizio Scaccia

Former NFL Kicker

I had the privilege of meeting and working with Kyle in the 2012 UFL season in Sacramento. Being a kicker, I understand that the snap is the most important part of the operation. Without a good snap, all rhythm is thrown off. Fortunately, I didn’t have to worry about a single Snap all season, everything was on target and made my job alot easier. I definitely recommend working with Kyle if given the opportunity!

Alex Gottlieb

Former NFL TE

I had the pleasure of being around Kyle during our time in the United Football League with the Mountain Lions in Sacramento. I had played Tight End as my main position but was interested in learning and developing as a Long Snapper. I had worked at it some while with the Detroit Lions and some in college but did not have the formal training to be able to advance. Kyle worked with me on the proper technique before and after practice. We saw some improvements but I took the drills and technique with me after the UFL season is over. After working with what Kyle taught me I got a shot with the Arizona Cardinals as a tight end/ long snapper. I long snapped in 2 preseason games and I owe that to Kyle taking the time to work with me.

Mike Husted

9 Year NFL Vet

Kyle has taken his skill of long snapping and is now sharing it with other aspiring athletes. Kyle is one of the smoothest long snappers that I have seen and could easily snap in the NFL. Anyone looking to learn how to snap or get their son lessons, Kyle is your guy.

Taylor Jordan


I have known Coach Stelter for quite some time now. We snapped together in many camps and places, and now that he is a coach, I could think of no one else better to turn to when I needed a new agent after my previous agent retired. Coach Stelter is a great coach, a great teacher, but most importantly, he is a great man. When I asked him about finding a new agent, almost instantly, he had agents calling me. I couldn’t believe how fast he got the process started. I had at least 10 agents show interest within the first five days and I was able to choose the best agent suited for me. If you’re looking for a great coach who knows about it all because he has been there, Coach Stelter is the guy I would recommend!

Lee Carlson

High School Coach

Kyle was very flexible to find a time and place that worked for my athlete. He came across very knowledgeable and committed to the best interests of my player. He customized the training program in a great way and followed up later to keep tabs on his progress and achievements. I believe it was an asset that helped my athlete gain a college scholarship.

Mac Ryerse

Former College Kicker – Proud Parent of Student Athlete

Kyle is a thoughtful instructor who is careful to assess the strengths and weaknesses in his students before prescribing change. He appropriately focuses each lesson on one key theme rather than attempting multiple fixes simultaneously, and by doing this, he can best meet each student in the area where they need to grow the most.